1967 Mustang

I want one….that is all i have to say. (rob)1C219012-37sm


Porsche 964… The Black Beauty


Car building at its best…

Recenty I’ve posted a picture of a 964 Porsche saying that I can imagine a 911 more beautiful than this black 964…!“. Here is the full story of the car and some great pictures!porsche_911_964

This car is over 20 years old, but “our” 964 which has been added a little work and a lot of affection is the best car there is!
A beautiful paint job is immaculate


Inside, a recaro, with harness and roll bar, all decorated with the color scheme of black-orange


The steering wheel is a momo who also has been applied to the touch “orange”, look at the seams of the seats, giving that touch of classic and sporty, really excellent taste in choosing and car detailing

We can see that this engine has also been modified in its admission, as he now has independent butterflies


On the…

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The Corvettes


P1120174 WP

A beauty. And the car doesn’t look bad, either. Shot with a Panasonic Lumix G1 M 4/3 camera.

On Saturday morning I went over to the “Digital Darkside“: Rather than taking one or two film cameras to Riverside’s annual Show And Go classic car show, I grabbed the Panasonic Lumix G1, a digital Micro Four Thirds camera.

These photos are of the Corvettes at the show, all of them from the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Corvettes from that era are the ones that catch my eye. They look nearly as good as the Jaguar XK series cars. The lines and styles of the newer versions of the Corvette don’t do much for me. Chocolate and vanilla, you know. Something for everyone.

P1120172 WP

P1120210 WP

P1120214 WP

P1120416 WP

P1120402 WP

P1120411 WP

P1120312 WP

P1120313 WP

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