1937 Mercedes 230 Roadster

Classic Car Weekly

1937 Mercedes-Benz 230 Cabriolet B

Offered by Coys | Essen, Germany | April 13, 2013

1937 Mercedes-Benz 230 Roadster

If you linked here from Twitter, first, thank you for the follow. Second, yes, this car is actually rarer than a Mercedes-Benz 540K – which costs at least 10 times as much as this car is expected to go for. You’re welcome for finding you the best deals on 1930s Mercedes’!

The 230 – which, in MB code is “W143” – was introduced as the 230n in 1937. It was a short-wheelbase car using a a 2.3-liter straight-six making 55 horsepower. Later that year, Mercedes switched to a long-wheelbase chassis and called the car the 230. Production lasted through 1941 and the engine continued on unchanged.

The body on this car is by Sindelfingen. It is a Cabriolet B (a four-seater with two doors). There were other convertible models available as well. Only 38 of…

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