Market 471: Clean and bright Spider 10123 379673

Alfa Romeo Giuliettas

Later that day: Asking price is $64,500.  Big dough for a 10123?

Giulia Spider 1600 10123*379673, 00112*15263.  Following in the footsteps of Market 467 is this extremely clean Spider.  Presentation is fantastic -almost a little too much production on the pictures some might say, but refreshing compared to the dark low-res pictures I so frequently have to work with.  No pictures of the underside are available and the engine compartment could use some detailing, but these may turn out to be trivialities based on what you find when you go look at it.


Hey Aaron, which region is LA?  See what I mean about the production value of the pictures?  This isn’t photoshopped into a sea of milk, it’s in a nice photo booth of sorts.  Oh, and the general fit and finish of the car looks fabulous.  Anyone know this car?

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